Leadership Nudge® 103 – Change Your Environment

May 31, 2016by Sandy Wilmer

Leadership NudgeTM – Change Your Environment

One of the most important things leaders do is fix the environment. They do not fix people. This Leadership NudgeTM was filmed in Redmond, California when I visited Microsoft. Here is what I noticed.

At Microsoft I observed that they don’t say, “Oh get together in little groups, have serendipitous conversations, collect ideas, and be creative!” They create an environment to support that. They just give their employees seating areas where they can get together in small groups or big tables or big open areas. They create an environment where they can get together and have those serendipitous conversations, collect ideas, and be creative.

My leadership nudge to you this week is this:

Find some little way of changing your environment. Change something immediate and small that will change the way your people act when they come to work.

Let us know how it goes! – Share your “CHANGES” with us and we will see if we can feature you in an upcoming Leadership NudgeTM

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