Leadership Nudge® 131 – Avoid Chaos, Tune Control admin December 13, 2016

Leadership Nudge® 131 – Avoid Chaos, Tune Control


We use figure 1a. to illustrate one of the fundamental concepts in Intent-Based Leadership®™. That concept is that leaders need to tune the amount of control that they are giving their team to the level of competence and clarity that each team member has. The key word is tune.


In a situation where the team has more competence and clarity compared with the authority to make decisions, we find very frustrated people. On the other hand, leaders fear giving too much authority to make decisions without the competence and the clarity. This results in chaos and bad decisions.

One of the problems is that if we don’t really have a good understanding of someone’s competence and clarity we always default to the low end of giving control. That is the safe way to go. When we default to the low end it results in over-controlling the situation which generally puts people in the frustration zone.

When we poll organizations, 63% of people report themselves in the frustration zone, about 20% report themselves in the sweet spot, and about 15% report themselves in the chaos zone. Remember, the leaders job is to tune the level of control based on each person’s level of competence and clarity.

Our Leadership Nudge to you this week is this:

Tune the level of control you exercise, based on the level of competence and clarity your team possesses.

Let us know what how it goes!

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