10 Insights on Intent-Based Leadership — 33Voices Interview admin July 23, 2019

10 Insights on Intent-Based Leadership — 33Voices Interview

Moe and David Marquet catch up to talk about how to implement intent-based leadership in your organization. Click to listen in.

Intent-Based Leadership® Manifesto

We live by these principles: We view people as our purpose, not as a means. We commit to leading in a way that helps people think, not in a way that gets people to do. We commit to creating environments where people can be great, just the way they are, instead of trying to “fix” people.

We focus on creating environments where people aspire to greatness and taking initiative, and by doing so not fixating on avoiding errors but on creating chances.

We recognize that we don’t see everything and commit to being curious about what others see and think. We commit to leadership that creates additional leaders and reject the idea that leaders attract followers. We commit to pushing authority to information, instead of pushing information to authority.

We understand that we will fail to live up to our commitment and appreciate our own fallibility, resolving to try again. We will frequently evaluate what we do and how we do it.  Anything not awesome will be improved.  We always will get better, never settling for becoming just good.

Insights from the Interview