Intent-Based Leadership The Leadership Periscope Sandy Wilmer April 9, 2024
Why are you wasting so much time in meetings?
Meetings should be some of our best time at work, when we galvanize the talents of our teams and people. Meetings should be great, but often they grate.
We believe that the best way to understand a team’s culture is to listen and watch what happens in meetings. It tells us more about the reality of your work.
  • Who does the talking ?
  • Who’s really listening ?
  • Why do some people speak up and others stay quiet?
  • Why do some meetings hum and others are hum-drum?
The Leadership Periscope has been tested and developed with a cross section of companies and it can answer those questions. Because if we spend so much time in meetings, why are we not trying to make them better?
Let's talk about
The Leadership Periscope.

    The Leadership Periscope is a simple but incredibly impactful mechanism to help you turn your meetings around, and it’s only available through the IBLI team.
    How it works
    We observe a cross section of your meetings – either live or recordings of virtual meetings.
    We use the principles and practices of Intent-Based Leadership to analyze key elements of each meeting, including share of voice, flow of conversation, focus, and clarity of purpose and outcomes.
    We provide observation-based feedback (based on facts, not judgements) of how your team is working together.
    We provide guidance on the opportunities for changes and improvement to practices.