What is Intent-Based Leadership®?

David Marquet, Commander of the nuclear submarine Santa Fe, realized during a simple drill, having one point of command was not only limiting to the efficiency of operations of the sub, it was downright dangerous. From these beginnings, David Marquet molded the leadership techniques he developed on the Santa Fe into a system called Intent-Based Leadership®.

Unfortunately for many of us we do not find fulfillment in our work, with our work day being something that we tolerate. If our job is to avoid errors, problems, and confrontations the result is we are not able to put our full passion and intellect into our work. We must reinvent the way we look at leadership by fundamentally changing the way we talk to one another and treat each other. Our interactions create our company culture. By focusing on how well we learn from mistakes and not who to blame for mistakes, individual effort can skyrocket. When we are given control over our work, the culture in the workplace dramatically changes.

In an Intent-Based Environment it is possible for:

  • People to feel valued and proud of being a part of something bigger than themselves
  • People to know the organization’s goals and thoughtfully contribute toward their accomplishment
  • People to feel inspired, by pushing control and decision-making down the organization people take responsibility and have the authority to rise to the occasion, even during times of change
  • The organization’s success be on the shoulders of all people and not simply the “leaders”
  • Leaders to be at all levels
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