Leadership Nudge® 110 – Make it Safe admin July 19, 2016

Leadership Nudge® 110 – Make it Safe

Leadership NudgeTM – Make it Safe

Here at Turn the Ship Around we operate often with our boss out of the office. In fact, over the next couple of weeks, David will be riding his bicycle from Missouri to New Hampshire with America by Bicycle. Because we have control over the work we do, progress never stops here.

Just like other organizations, with progress comes mistakes. On our team, when a mistake is made, the goal is; inform the team, inform the boss, and solve our issues together. When it is not safe to admit a mistake, many people will do their best to hide the mistake and hope it goes undiscovered. Because it is safe here to admit a mistake, hidden problems are a thing of the past.

When a mistake happens on your team how do you respond? Organizations that make it safe to admit a mistake and work together waste less time reacting to hidden problems. In fact, it is nearly impossible to fix problems you don’t know about.

Our leadership nudge to you this week is this:

The next time someone on your team informs you of a mistake, say “Thank You” and then work on solving the problem together.

Let us know how it goes!

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