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How To Make Your Meetings Useful
Using Dissent to Uncover All The Information

LIVE Online Class
with Andy Worshek

How do you turn your meetings into valuable time for all attendees? How do you get what you need from your meetings?

Andy spent 24 years in the US Navy rising to the highest levels of enlisted leadership. Master Chief Worshek attended countless meetings where only one voice was ever heard. As best selling author and former submarine commander David Marquet’s Sonar Chief, Weapon’s Department Chief and Chief of the Boat, onboard Santa Fe with David meetings were quite different. In these meetings information was shared, and interpreted, and decisions were made with everyone’s input. Team engagement was unmatched.

In this interactive session, Andy will have you participate in a meeting where you will practice the methods used on USS Santa Fe to uncover information and drive the best decision-making processes. Team’s will use language designed to communicate observations, interpretations and actions the benefit the team.

This class will be hosted on Zoom and the link will be emailed to you after you register.

Why should I attend?  How many times have your meetings felt like you were all alone, even when your team was in attendance? In this session you will walk away with tools to help you engage even the quietest of team members. You will learn practices that will allow your team to speak their mind in a safe and inviting environment.

Andy Worshek
Speaker, Expert on Intent-Based Leadership®
Andy served on the USS Santa Fe
with David Marquet
This course is for: Everyone
Cost per seat: $115
75 Minutes

seats are limited
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October 22 @ 12pm ET

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