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with Jeff Leap

Are you tired of having to always have all the answers? Does worrying about whether you will get the deliveries you need sap your energy and brain space? Are you running into roadblock after roadblock with your people and projects? The problem is not your leadership, it is your leadership paradigm.

Learn how Intent-based Leadership can be used to create psychologically safe environments where people succeed.  We will introduce you to Intent-based Leadership, a new leadership paradigm, one that was pioneered on a nuclear submarine. 

With the paradigm of Intent-Based Leadership, the culture of the organization shifts from one of permission and waiting, to intent and action.

We will use a workshop format. We will present as well as conduct exercises such as discussion in small groups as well as the large group.  Questions will be taken and addressed throughout our time together.

Why should I attend? Intent-Based Leadership can be used to create psychologically safe environments where people succeed; where the focus is achieving excellence rather than just avoiding failure, thus preventing the propagation of errors.

Jeffrey Leap
Expert on Intent-Based Leadership®
Coach, Trainer, Agile Leader
This course is for: Everyone
Cost per seat: $115
90 Minutes

seats are limited
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October 28 @ 1pm ET

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