Leadership Nudge™ 174 – I’ve Got That admin October 11, 2017

Leadership Nudge™ 174 – I’ve Got That

“I’ve got that” is a great tool for millennials and Gen Y to build their influence in an organization.

What leaders worry about is ownership of issues and the cognitive burden that comes with having to remember all the issues and drive them forward. When team members hear “I’ve got that” it relieves them of a great cognitive load which is very helpful. Of course, you need to then actually own that issue.

Do you want to be a lot more valuable to your teammate, your boss or your organization?

Just say these three words:

“I’ve got that”

Often, as a team, we’ll discuss something or as a leader I’ll throw something out to the team and I’m a little reluctant to tell someone to do it, because I’m looking for some ownership and some proactivity.

When you say “Hey, I’ve got that”, that’s everything. Now, your boss doesn’t need to worry about it anymore. It’s really valuable.

Of course, you then have to do it.

Want to be more valuable? Say these words: “I’ve got that.”