Jenni Jepsen Keynote Speaker admin July 20, 2023
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Intent-Based Leadership provides the language and mechanisms that help teams maximize the potential of Agile.
Jenni Jepsen’s passion is around helping leaders create environments where people do their best thinking. She is recognized for her work in change leadership and pragmatic Agile ways of working 
Jenni’s popular keynotes focus on how to integrate Intent-Based Leadership into Agile ways of working. Along with practical tools to put into immediate use, she shares the neuroscience behind why Intent-Based Leadership and Agile work to create environments where people feel motivated, engaged and get great results
Take advantage of how our brains function to get optimal thinking in the workplace.
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Intent-Based Leadership brought new leadership tools to make Agile really work. It’s the way to move a culture from asking for permission and waiting, to sharing intent and taking action. This way of leading fits beautifully with Agile methodologies, enabling us to get the full benefits out of Agile ways of working.
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