IBL CERTIFIED TRAINERIntent-Based Leadership® Workshop

Learning Objectives
  • Practice the tools that help you implement the principles of Intent-Based Leadership
  • Create an environment where people actively engage and think
  • Implement the idea of leadership as giving control – not taking control
  • Implement the idea of leadership as creating more leaders – not more followers
  • Create resilient organizations that avoid the trap of error propagation
  • Tune the level of empowerment to your team’s abilities
  • Recognize communications patterns that identify the leadership culture in your organization
  • Build ownership by speaking in a language that increases empowerment, building leaders at every level in the organization
  • Practice language that is more likely to result in others contributing their full cognitive capacity
  • Take a collaborative, continuous-improvement approach to organizational effectiveness
  • Increase team performance and motivation based on the most recent neuroscience
  • Run better meetings, where dissenting opinions are voiced and group-think is avoided – where everyone participates to yield the wisdom of the crowd over the voice of the loud
  • Ask better questions. Learn the language of curiosity
  • Make better informed decisions