Our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships with business partners around the world who will share Intent-Based Leadership® and build Leaders at Every Level, in all industries.  We are expanding globally through a network of experienced and high performing licensed partners.  To find out more about our IBL Partners or to inquire about working with David and our team to become an IBL Partner, please contact Peter Russian by phone +44 7711 365525 or email Peter@turntheshiparound.com.

Our IBL Partners

Based in Denmark, goAgile is about helping organizations transform into places where people thrive on change.


The difference with us is that we want to anchor the change. Our goal is to transfer knowledge to people in all strata of the organization, and we support them along the way as they acquire new ways of working and new ways of leading.


Thus, our clients reduce their need for consultants and get happier, more motivated employees who make better decisions – because that’s how innovation really happens.

Remarkable believes that successful organisations enable their people as leaders. We lead people and organisations to achieve their ambitions and are here to help businesses achieve their objectives by getting the best from their people. We are a best critical friend, offering sound advice, challenging assumptions and celebrating successes. With nearly 30 years’ experience we have worked with thousands of organisations of all types and our team of experts have unrivaled experience and expertise that, along with the latest and leading practices, we match to clients’ needs to get the best from people

Resourceful Humans is based in Berlin and partners with us to bring you The VR Dive™


People want to contribute and do a great job when they feel enabled. Given the proper Environment, they will do so. The Way of Resourceful Humans enables you to embed the timeless Management practise of Network Leadership with cutting-edge collaboration tools for a Culture of 100% Entrepreneurship | 0% Bureaucracy.

Resourceful Humans partners with Intent-Based Leadership® to bring you The Dive®