Learn how organizations in all industries have used Intent-Based Leadership to change their workplace and create a happier, healthier environment where everyone can thrive.

We talked with Michael McCleve of the Student Leadership Center at James Madison University.  Hear Michael explain how student leaders adapted quickly during COVID-19 to continue serving their student community without missing a beat.

Learn how ChildStrive, a non-profit in the Seattle area, has been able to adapt to the coronavirus restrictions as a result of having leaders at every level. As told by CEO Jim Welsh.

We got together with Phil Lanzafame, Director of Community Development in Glendale, CA near LA. He talks about how their team is serving citizens in innovative ways while adapting to coronavirus.

Listen as Maciej and Slawek recount their discovery of Intent-Based Leadership and how they have used this leadership paradigm to help their clients change the environment, revealing the potential of every employee.

Learn how Shane Mac fixed the environment to alleviate stress so people in his organization could contribute their full intellectual capacity.

Learn how Lee Patterson uses Intent-Based Leadership® to empower his team in the Pharmaceutical industry.

We got together with Dr. Julie Mattson who works as a primary care physician in Everett, WA which was the original epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. She talks about taking care of her own team and a surprisingly simple tool that helps them better share concerns and create better outcomes. Disclosure: David is Dr. Mattson’s brother.

David recounts experiences on the Santa Fe and how they changed their mindset to focus on achieving excellence instead of just avoiding errors.

David recounts a story from the USS Greeneville, a sister ship of the Santa Fe, to highlight the importance of making it safe for your team to speak up, say what they see, and share what they know.