Advice and Support
  • We believe that Intent Based Leadership has the power to transform teams and organizations, and we are here to help you.
IBL Sonar (Diagnosis)
  • Becoming an Intent Based Leadership team is a choice about who you want to be and what is important to you.
IBL Live (1:1 Development)
  • Learning to become an Intent Based Leader involves practicing the application of tools and mechanisms in the workplace.
Act Your Way (Our Workshop Program)
  • To become an Intent Based Leader requires practice. We believe that people act their way to new thinking, not think their way to new action.
IBL Chain (Business Improvement)
  • Push control closer to the customer/service user to increase the value of your employee and customer experience using Intent Based Leadership.
IBL Champions
  • Intent Based Leadership requires practice over time and our Champions program is designed to give you the internal knowledge and capability to embed Intent Based Leadership in your organization.