IBL Chain (Business Improvement)

Why ?
Push control closer to the customer/service user to increase the value of your employee and customer experience using Intent Based Leadership.

How we work
We work with you to identify a typical or current business scenario which regularly causes frustration or challenges. We then bring together people from every part of the chain of command in a full day improvement activity in which we use the mechanisms and practices of IBL to achieve a better outcome

What you get
Decision-makers, leaders from the chain of command, and customer-facing individuals will explore respective needs and issues, and provide insight to identify the leadership, behavioral, role, and process requirements to create an environment for achieving excellence. This provides the control, clarity and competence for them to think and take initiative for the good of the customer, resulting in leaders at every level in your organization

In a Nutshell
A unique practical and strategic workshop to liberate leaders at every level